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Excavation Contractors

No matter what construction project that you are faced with, there’s a lot work that needs to be done before you can even begin. We are the “excavation company near me” that can take care of all such work. Whether you need excavation work done for a new foundation, are looking for grading contractor or need a site clearing and preparation service, we’ve got what you need. We also provide a range of other services, including demolition work. We take pride in our work, so we do things right the first time.  All of the services that we provide are highly reliable and are designed to get any work completed on your deadline, so your project can run smoothly from start to finish.

You can depend on us to get the job done when we say we will.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations.  We get our work done on time and on budget.

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    About Us

    Our range of services have been honed and designed to ensure that they are reliable and that we can complete any work on your deadline. We know that when there’s any construction project you are faced with, getting things done on a deadline is crucial. Much of the work that we do, including certain excavation work and even site clearing or preparation, is only the tip of the iceberg, so any delays or setbacks here could really impact your entire project. Luckily, that’s never something that you’ll have to worry about choosing us. That’s why we are the best of the excavation companies in the Portland region.

    Our Services

    If there’s any work that you need done to prepare your site or property for construction work, we are the team that can take care of it. We specialize in a range of other preparation services, including grading and site clearing and preparation. We even provide concrete excavation services, and are experts when it comes to both concrete and excavation work. Not only that, we are the service that can handle demolition work, directional boring work, including work related to correct and effective drainage, and can even provide boulder retaining walls for your home or property. We do it all, so that you can properly prepare your site.



    When it comes to excavation work, we are the best of local excavation companies that you can choose from. We provide an experienced and reliable team that has all the tools for any excavation work that you need done. Whether it’s concrete excavation, excavation work for your foundation or for any other construction needs, we are the excavation contractors that are right for your job. We provide consistent results, as well as a service that’s guaranteed to complete the work that you need done on in your timeframe. That’s why we are the best of the “excavating companies near me".


    Site Clearing/Preparation

    Before any work can begin on your empty lot or property, you’ll often find that initial clearing or preparation work is required. Our site clearing and preparation services are designed to effectively clear your lot or empty property so all obstacles are removed, and work can begin. This helps to provide easy access to any contractors or teams doing work, as well as making work like excavation easier. This is a great way to make sure that your project runs smoothly in the long run. So, get the “site preparation contractors near me” you need now..

    “Their site clearing services are top notch.  They worked hard, and got the job done on time even with a couple of unexpected surprises!” - Sam. H

    Boulder Retaining Walls

    Boulder retaining walls can be a great alternative to traditional retaining walls for a number of reasons. Firstly, boulders are natural and high durable, and aren’t adversely affected by changes in temperature or erosion. With a boulder retaining wall allowing natural and effective drainage, and problems with water can also be effectively avoided. As part of our service we provide both boulder walls construction as well as boulder retaining walls design. We can provide large boulder retaining walls and a range of other options.



    As well as offering a number of construction related services, we also provide safe and effective demolition services. When it comes to demolition, both of these things are important. That’s why you need to choose a contractor that’s experienced and that knows how to properly tackle the job. There’s more to any demolition work than meets the eye. We can provide demolition services for projects on a range of scales. So, choose the best option for any demo work that you need done.


    "They really live up to their guarantee of completing all work on your deadline.  We have used other companies in the past that got the job done, but had trouble meeting deadlines, so Portland Excavation Pros was a pleasant surprise.” - Mollie. L


    Directional Boring

    Directional boring is a process that can be used to quickly and effectively install a range of underground utilities, like pipes and underground cables. It’s a minimal impact and trenchless technique that’s beneficial for a number of reasons. It’s a quicker, easier, cheaper and less invasive way to install a number of underground utilities. It’s perfect for a range of rain drainage solutions. As part of this service we specialize in drainage systems, including parking lot drainage systems, and can even install a rainwater catch basin around your property.



    Grading, the process of ensuring that you have an even base upon which to build paving and other things, like your foundation, is an important part of the construction process. Proper grading provides your paving with strong foundation, as well as ensuring that effective drainage is provided. We are the “grading contractors near me” that specialize in a range of grading and related services, including parking lot grading and even sidewalk repair Portland Oregon.

    "They were great. We were so glad we chose them to handle the grading work we needed done.  They worked very hard to make sure it was exactly the way we wanted it.  I would definitely hire them again for another project.” - Kenny. S

    Contact Portland Excavation Pros

    We provide the professional and reliable “excavation services near me” that are perfect for your next job or project. We provide the tools and expertise that you need for an excavation work, as well as specializing in grading, site clearing and preparation, directional boring and even demolition work. So, if there’s work that need to be done on your site or property, we are the team for the job. So, get the Portland excavating services you need by calling us now.